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expobartable bartables from expotrade are the perfect bartables for your event. This table consisting of 3 parts is easily put together and known for its high stability. The steel-ring at the bottom of the product can be powder coated in various colours. This part of the expobartable serves as footrest and also as weighing down. The round center column can be fully labeled and because of its large diameter this means a perfect possibility for advertising.

Additionally, the special and individually printable tabletop is easy to clean and also resistant against burning ash. In order to make it also possible to sit at this table, expotrade offers the expobarchair as an accessory for the expobartable. The optional parasol hole on the table allows a further special attachment. You can easily put a parasol through the hole which makes the product on the one hand more practical and on the other hand it creates also a even better eyecatcher for your advertisement.

A NOVELTY is the “FOLDABLE” expobartable. This bartable can be folded like our expotent foldable tents and therefore is a perfect table for catering-companies, breweries and e.g. hotels with congresses. Due to the individual printable and easy to change sidewalls one is perfectly prepared for multibranding and/or different sponsors for various events. A handy carrybag is included which can be stowed inside the table during the event and is ready immediately for packing the table after it. The weight of this table is just 10 kg but it is very stable!  you can even dance on it.

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