expoflag beachflags

expoflag beachflags – the big advantage of our expoflag is the robust “telescopic”  flagpole made of strong aluminium. The pole can be extended to 3 different heights from 4 m up to 6 m and then locks itself with a snap-button system like the one of the expotents. Due to this function of the expoflag it can be used for several occasions. If you buy a flag you can easily switch the fabric which means that you are very flexible regarding the advertising of different products or brands. Furthermore, at the bottom of the pole is a rotator which allows a turning of 360°. On top of the pole there is a strong fibre-glass part in order to be flexible to use as Shark-flag or Drop-flag. Additionally, accessories like a 17 kg flagstand, a holder for the tent-leg and last but not least a sturdy carrybag are more features of this expoflag.

Additionally to the Aluminium flagpole we are also offering poles in Fibreglass quality. accessories like steelplates, rotators and also tentleg-holders can be offered.