expobanner small

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expobanner small is a new displaywall and a invention of the expotrade Group. The semicircular shape makes it something special in comparison to other popup-walls on the market. The expobanner small consists of a pluggable and curved aluminium profile. The whole product is fixed on the ground by 2 converted flagstands with 17 kg each. The fully printable fabric is just put up with the bar through the tunnel and fixed at both ends with Spannfix rubber cords. There are sewn tabs at the upper side of the tunnel. The included straps are put through the tabs and fixed on the ground with pegs. The big advantage of this innovation is that the product is also usable outdoor.

expobanner small – facts and figures

width fabric: 305 cm
height: 225 cm
width incl. feets: 390 cm
weight: 44 kg
packing size: 79 x 28 x 35 cm

180 x 5 x 30 cm

sublimation print


sensational colours- the printable spectrum ranges from single logos up to full-size pictures or gradients!

The sublimation-print procedure achieves intensively bright colours and a high UV protection.

advantages of the sublimation-print:

  • full-size printing possible for covers / sidewalls and all other fabric parts
  • brilliant, intensively shiny and bright colours
  • complex layouts, logos, pictues, gradients – everything is possible
  • cost-saving production starting from 1 pc already
  • no films/screens etc. necessary