foldingtable sidewall

To use the exporack servicetable additionally as advertising tool we recommend you the exporack servicetable sidewall. This sidewall is fully printable and therefore a creative advertising tool which can be used with different printings depending on the occasion. Especially when presenting different brands you are very flexible using this kind of feature. One table frame with different sidewalls means a functional advertising for a little price. The sidewall is designed for 3 sides so the backside of the table stays blank. This allows you to place the cartons or brochures under the table to save some space.

The special waterproof fabric makes an outdoor usage possible. The material is also flame retardant according to B1 (with certificate) which makes it also appropriate for indoor usage. The table plate is rubberized and is not covered by the sidewall.

expotent expotable Seitenwand

3-side sidewall