exporelax beanbag

exporelax beanbag for a perfect chill-out

The exporelax beanbags are perfectly designed for a perfect chill-out…
expotent Faltzelt 6x6m Professional

folding tent expotent 6x6m

Our folding tent expotent 6x6m Professional has a huge surface…
Racetent expotent Zenklusen

First RACING-dates are fixed again! are you prepared?

The first Racing-dates are fixed already and lots of hosts are…
Expo Corona

despite Corona we are still active and able to act

Despite the critical and special situation around the Corona-Virus…
Faltpavillons expotent Aquabike 2020

40 Expotent foldable tents - professionally arranged in Kuwait

40 pcs Expotent foldable tents perfectly arranged as here from…
expotent grillwerkstatt

The warm weather is perfect to open the BBQ-season

The present warm weather is perfect to already open the BBQ-season. …
Expotrade Xmas

Expotrade wishes all clients MERRY X-MAS !

Expotrade wishes all clients MERRY X-MAS !
exporelax Sitzsack Dach Peter

eporelax - mobile and functional advertisement-tools

exporelax beanbags and exporelax ad-cubes  are the mobile and…
Klappzelt Motokros expotent 6x4m

expotent foldable-tent 6x4m racing in Slowenia

the expotent foldable tent 6x4m is the perfect size for the racing-industry. …
exporelax Sitzsack Lamborghini

exporelax beanbag - perfect seating and a trendy ad-tool

the exporelax beanbag is a perfect seating-bag and a trendy advertisement-tool…