expowave Displaywall

expowave Displaywall – the special presentationwall expowave – a fascinating eyecatcher!

Due to the concave curving of this display, the image seems to be a 3D optic. This represents a novel kind of advertising for your products.

The expowave can be printed on both sides at the  seamless-, and wrinklefree fabric.

Finally, the whole product is packed in a sturdy carrybag.

expowave – facts and figures

width: 220 cm
height: 250 cm
weight: 15 kg
packing: 78 x 30 x 25
sublimation print

sensational colours- the printable spectrum ranges from single logos up to full-size pictures or gradients!

The sublimation-print procedure achieves intensively bright colours and a high UV protection.

advantages of the sublimation-print:

  • full-size printing possible for covers / sidewalls and all other fabric parts
  • brilliant, intensively shiny and bright colours
  • complex layouts, logos, pictues, gradients – everything is possible
  • cost-saving production starting from 1 pc already
  • no films/screens etc. necessary