Dometent fixing set

The wind susceptibility is rising due to the size of the expodomes. Every dome tent includes tent pegs and tension-belts to ensure that the expodome can be fastened also when there is a strong wind. The expodome Dometent fixing-set includes a sturdy carrybag for the larger domes (4,8 m / 6 m / 9 m) which has 10 pieces of 70 cm long galvanized tent pegs in it. For the smaller 3 x 3 m expodome there are 4 tent pegs with 70 cm and 4 tent pegs with 30 cm length included in the carrybag. Thanks to the anchoring the stability of the expodome increases a lot and the wind susceptibility minimizes. Please note that there is a recommendation to take down the expodome when a very strong wind appears or is announced to prevent damages. Wind certificates are available in the download area or on request. To ensure a longevity of the dome tents please use the fixing possibilities. Sometimes it seems very difficult to pull the tent pegs off the ground. A further innovation from expotrade is the nailpuller which allows you to easily pull them off the ground. The nail can be clamped with the roller construction and then easily be removed. The other way round to simplify the whole process on the backside of the nailpuller there is an integrated hammer to drive the tent pegs into the ground. The combination of these two tools and the whole expodome fixing-set should be added to every event equipment.

Expodome Heringe 70 cm

nails 70 cm

(10 pcs in a carrybag)

at frame 4,8m / 6 m / 9 m  incuded !

Expodome 3x3m Heringe

4 pcs nails 70 cm +

4 pcs nails 30 cm

at frame 3 x 3 m  included !

Nagelzieher und Hammer in Einem


with integrated hammer