Dometent visors

The expodome Dometent visors increase the value of the expodomes and also increases its covered area. Additionally, the visors are a perfect opportunity to use the larger space for advertising. You can also design the visors in different colours to make a better distinction of the cover. Another option is to design the printable area in a different colour than the tunnel.

The whole system consists of a pluggable and curved aluminium profile which can be easily inserted in the tunnel of the fabric. The visor gets fixed on the cover with 2 stretch bars. The fabric gets fastened on the round foot-weight-plate to gain more security against the wind. A zipper helps to fix the fabric of the visor on the cover.

Additionally, an extension – the so called BUBBLE – can be used to increase the space of the expodome and therefore to use an office under the dome for example.

Expodome Bogen


Expodome Bubble

visor-extension BUBBLE