exporelax event-bock

exporelax event-bock is a nue and striking advertising tool for events. You don’t know where to put the shabby Euro pallets while being on the event? The exporelax event-bock has the solution for your problem. Three Euro pallets build the construction for this advertising seat. A seat cushion made out of sewn foam provides a comfortable and pleasant sitting. Additionally, a fully printable fabric cover made of Polyester will be put over the pallets. As you can see the exporelax event-bock offers 2 big advantages – on the one hand your pallets are hidden and on the other hand you have a seating-accommodation with a special advertising effect. Finally, after the event has ended, the pallets can again be used for the transportation of your event material and the exporelax eventbock can be folded and therefore transported with every car. The fabric is water-resistant and due to the special PU-coating also fire-reetardant if you want to use it indoor as well.

exporelax event-bock – facts and figures

consisting of: seating-cushion on 3 Euro-pallets and/or with a cover stitched in Polyester
size: 120 x 80 x 40 cm
image-space: 2,78 m²
sublimation print


sensational colours- the printable spectrum ranges from single logos up to full-size picturesor gradients!

The sublimation-print procedure achieves intensively bright colours and a high UV protection.

advantages of the sublimation-print:

  • full-size printing possible for covers / sidewalls and all other fabric parts
  • brilliant, intensively shiny and bright colours
  • complex layouts, logos, pictues, gradients – everything is possible
  • cost-saving production starting from 1 pc already
  • no films/screens etc. necessary