exporelax seating cubes

exporelax seating cubes – also called ad-bock is the bigger version of the kids-bock. The fully printable advertising cubes represent a convenient seating accommodation. You can use this product for various possibilities. It does not matter if you place it in a waiting room, a break room or you take it with you to fairs or other events. The exporelax ad-bock is indoor as well as outdoor usable. There are 2 different versions of the ad-bock. These seating cubes are made of Polyester fabric with special PU-coating. It is water-resistant and fire-retardant and therefore also designed for indoor-usage. Print your logo on the exporelax ad-bock and impress the potential customers or visitors of your event with a unique advertisement. The advertising cube is available in small or large size.

exporelax seating-cubes – facts and figures

consisting of: inner-construction with a cover stitched in Polyester
size ad-bock:  (L/W/H)  60 x 40 x 50 cm (small)  /  120 x 40 x 50 cm  (large)
image-space: 1,24 m² (ad-bock small) / 2,28 m² (ad-bock large)
sublimation print


sensational colours- the printable spectrum ranges from single logos up to full-size picturesor gradients!

The sublimation-print procedure achieves intensively bright colours and a high UV protection.

advantages of the sublimation-print:

  • full-size printing possible for covers / sidewalls and all other fabric parts
  • brilliant, intensively shiny and bright colours
  • complex layouts, logos, pictues, gradients – everything is possible
  • cost-saving production starting from 1 pc already
  • no films/screens etc. necessary