expoair connecting tunnel

The expoair airdomes can easily be connected with each other. It doesn’t matter if they are all the same size – even different sizes can be connected. The accessory to achieve this is the expoair connecting-tunnel. The tunnel is fixed on the dome tents with a zipper and then serves as a rain protection and also as a protected passageway between the domes.

Not only the dome tents are printable even those connecting-tunnels can be fully printed and therefore they help creating a better atmosphere also beneath the tents. With the help of the expoair connecting-tunnel you are able to create a dome-city where many airdomes are connected with each other to build one really big dome tent. The roofs of the airdomes are recognized even better when the connecting-tunnels have different colours. The connecting-tunnel is covering the whole side which means that also the side is weather resistant from the top down to the bottom of the tunnel.

Expoair Verbindungstunnel

connecting-tunnel between airdomes