expoair various accessories

There are different further accessories for the expoair product line optionally available. When buying a expoair airdome you get a hand-pump inclusive. If you like to have something more convenient to fill the air into the airdome you might be interested in our electric-pump.

If you have no electricity around you, either use the hand-pump or the akku-pump. Please note that the akku-pump may not be enough to pump up a 6 x 6 m airdome as the performance might not be good enough. This means that you should always have the hand-pump with you. The pumps of the expoair various accessories also have an inverse function which allows them to nip all the air out. Due to this special feature you will be able to let all the air out of the legs and therefore have a very small packaging.

Elektropumpe Airdome

electrical pump

Akkupumpe Airdome


Handpumpe Expoair

handpump (inclusive)