expoair ballast-water-rings

As the expoair airdome is an inflatable dome tent, it has to be fixed on the ground to resist also weak wind. On the one hand there are the included tension-belts and tent-pegs/nails but on the other hand there is an additional solution – the expoair ballast-water-rings. The rings are filled with water and put around the tent legs like a donut. Fixed through an eyelet the rings help to keep the expoair on the ground.

To ensure an easy transportation just let off the water and have a small packaging again. These donuts have an additional big advantage in comparison to the tension-belts and the tent pegs/nails. The expoair ballast-water-rings whether have to be hammered into the ground nor is there the need to tie up the construction. Therefore, even if there is no possibility to tie up the expoair airdome with the tension-belts or to hammer the tent pegs into the ground you have the opportunity to keep your inflatable on the ground.

Expoair Beschwerungsring