foldingtent connecting-bar

The expotent foldingtent connecting-bars have different functions. There are horizontal and diagonal connecting-bars. The horizontal bar is especially for the stabilization of the half-height sidewall but brings also stability for the whole tent with it. The diagonal bar is a patent of expotrade and brings enormous stability for your foldable tent. The rigid construction makes it possible to withstand tensile and also thrust forces. Additionally, a higher stability for the legs is achieved through the better fixation of the top and the bottom of the tent. Furthermore, another positive effect is that even if there is strong wind the attached sidewall will not be pushed into the inner side of the tent and the velcro fastening will be relieved.

Verbindungsstange horizontal

       Connecting-bar horizontal

       (telescopic from 2 – 4,5 m)

Verbindungsstange diagonal

       Connecting-bar diagonal

       (for huge stability)