foldingtent repair-kit

To ensure a longevity of the expotent foldable tents the company expotrade offers a special foldingtent repair-kit. The expotent repair-kit consists of a glue as well as a piece of fabric in the same colour as the cover of your tent. Small holes or cracks in the fabric can easily be sealed with the expotent repair-kit. You put the glue around the hole (on the inside of the fabric) and let it dry for a few minutes.

Afterwards, you cut out a piece of the fabric and press it on the glued space. Probably, one has to daub the edge of the fabric with some more glue zu secure that everything is sealed. To make sure that everything dries you should put something on it and let everything dry for at least 12 hours. After the mentioned time you remove the weighing down and the tent is repaired. If the holes/cracks are big, please contact our office and you will get a consultation and further information for additional possibilities.


repair- and sparepart-kit