foldingtent raingutter

expotrade offers the foldingtent raingutters to ensure a weatherproof connection of foldable tents. This product gets fixed with velcro on the inside of the cover (like the sidewalls) then it gets folded back and finally fixed on the other cover again with velcro. The expotent raingutters made out of PVC are easy to clean and thanks to the sealed seams also waterproof. Exclusively at expotrade you get a vertical raingutter. This innovation prevents the water from splashing on the ground and back into the inside of the tent. The water flows down the vertical raingutter and comes out of it down on the ground. The positive side effect is that the gap between the folding pavillons gets closed and therefore weatherproofly sealed.


       Raingutter horizontal

Regenrinne Vertikalablauf

       Raingutter vertical