foldingtent weight plates

expotent foldable tents provide more or less contact surface for the wind depending on their size. Therefore, they have to be fixed on the ground to be resistant also against weak wind. The included tension-belts and tent pegs are ideal for this but there is a further possibility to fix your shelter. The mentioned products are the expotent foot-weight-plates. They are easily put on the legs and then increase the stability against wind. Depending on the weight of the plates (15 kg / 25 kg) the expotent foot-weight-plates can additionally be fixed with a velcro fastener on the legs to ensure that they do not get blown away by the wind. The 15 kg and the 25 kg plates have a velcro fastener which is fixed around the leg of the folding tent. This is avoiding that the weight-plate is slipping-off the tent-leg e.g. during stronger winds.

All kind of the plates have an integrated handle which simplifies the transportation. If a fixing with tent pegs/nails and the tension-belts is not possible due to the hard surface the expotent foot-weight-plates are the perfect solution. Please note that the whole foldable tent should maybe be taken down when there is a very strong wind appearing.

expotent footplate 15kg

15 kg

expotent footplate 25kg

25 kg