foldingtent sidewall

To be able to close your foldable tents to protect the inside from weather conditions Expotrade offers you various folding tent sidewalls. Depending on your need there are different versions like the closed ones (standard), the ones with a big rectangular window (panorama), with a curved window (s-panorama), the ones with a window and a door (s-panorama with door) and for those who like a combination of standard and panorama there is the special panorama with curtain. Additionally, there are half-height sidewalls which get fixed with a pole to prevent them from sagging. One of the main purposes of the sidewalls is to protect the inside of the tent from rain and wind and therefore create a comfortable atmosphere.

The expotent sidewalls get easily fixed with a velcro fastener on the cover. To avoid a mix-up of the different sidewalls the carrybag where they are put in is labeled with the type and the size. The expotent sidewalls have a vertically sewn webbing on the sides. This webbing is for fixing the velcro fasteners around the tent leg. As a result, when there is a very strong wind the velcro fasteners will not tear. On the lower edge the sidewalls have a horizontally sewn webbing which has additionally sewn loops for the tent pegs/nails. A potential wind pressure will be on the plastic-hanger and not on the velcro.

Seitenwand Standard


Standard mit Türe

Standard with door

Seitenwand Rolltüre

Standard with roll-door

Seitenwand Panorama

Panorama (with window)

Seitenwand S-Panorama

S-Panorama (rounded window)

S-Panorama mit Türe

S-Panorama with door

Seitenwand halbhoch Unterer Teil

1/2-high lower part

Seitenwand halbhoch Oberteil

1/2-high upper part

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