folding tent 3x3m Expert

folding tent expotent 3x3m Expert – a 40 mm hexagon-shape profile  (measured at the flat side) is giving enough robustness to this foldable tent – even if it is built-up many times.

The expotent Expert 3x3m is specially designed for small companies or private persons who are looking after their small-calculated budgets.

expotent Expert 3x3m – facts and figures

budget PRO
profiles: 40 x 1,5 mm „Hexagon“ anodised aluminium
scissors: 12,5 x 25,4 x 1,2 mm, strengthened with one middle-stripe
total height: 330 cm
walking-through height: 200 cm
height of valance: 35 cm
weight: 25 kg
packing size: 160 x 32 x 30 cm
alu – profile: Budget profile
carrybag, nails, cords:
transport-wheels set not available for this product
frame comparison
Expert premium professional
outer leg: anodised Aluminium

40 mm „Hexagon“

1,5 mm

anodised Aluminium

38 mm „Octagon“

1,8 mm

anodised Aluminium

44 mm „Octagon“

1,8 mm

inner leg: 35 mm „Hexagon“

1,5 mm

30 mm „Octagon“

1,8 mm

38 mm „Octagon“

1,8 mm

scissors: 12,5 x 25,4 x 1,2 mm
1 vertical stripe inside
12 x 26 x 1,5 mm
2 layers inside
20 x 39 x 1,5 mm
1 vertical layer inside
walking-through height: 200 cm adjustable from

200-230 cm

adjustable from

200-230/250 cm

valance: 35 cm 35 cm 35 / 45cm
profiles: Budget profile PREMIUM PROFESSIONAL



transport-wheels set: available as an option available as an option available as an option
clickwheels: available as an option
fabric colours

Expotrade 500DEN colours

sublimation print


sensational colours- the printable spectrum ranges from single logos up to full-size picturesor gradients!

The sublimation-print procedure achieves intensively bright colours and a high UV protection.

advantages of the sublimation-print:

  • full-size printing possible for covers / sidewalls and all other fabric parts
  • brilliant, intensively shiny and bright colours
  • complex layouts, logos, pictues, gradients – everything is possible
  • cost-saving production starting from 1 pc already
  • no films/screens etc. necessary
silkscreen print


    • this printing is possible on each fabric colour
    • very nice and shiny colours
    • very robust and longlasting printing
    • specially for  large series very interesting